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GH Industrial Co., Ltd.

For getting pricing information:
Please tell us which item and model you are interested in, a detailed description of the components you want in those products, our experienced sales representatives can provide you with a detailed quote based on your requirements.
Place an order:
With your requirements, model if selected and quantity needed. GH will send you a formalized quote detailing all of the specifics with regards to pricing, delivery and terms. Once the paperwork and required deposits are received,GH will assign a project manager to oversee the producing and delivery of your project.
For delivery:
Standard models with few modifications are ready to ship within 2-3 weeks of receipt of your order and necessary deposits. Custom ones may take anywhere from 4-5 weeks from order placement.
Warranty Policy:
About the quality and afterservice, they are guaranteed. For our different products, the warranty is different, For example, the electronic ballast is 3 years, and the magnetic ballast is 2.5 years.
About Catalogue:
Because of constant updates to each product, GH works hard to maintain the most current information on products and service on this website. However,GH also provides a selection of various print brochures for your review.